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Hey! Thanks for reading

So what is there to know about me? Well from the outside my life is pretty standard. 

I haven't really achieved anything that would be considered incredible.

I am in my early forties, divorced, with a daughter at university and a son at college. 

Nothing extraordinary so far right? 

I decided about two years ago to start a degree in International relations, all because of an extraordinary friend, and she was extraordinary!

This is also not something spectacular, a lot of people decide to go back to university in their 30's, 40's and even later. 

I guess the thing that makes me a little different is what I would like to do with my degree....

So here's the truth, I don't actually know. That last sentence is going to please my parents and friends alike!!! (This is sarcasm, you will find quite a bit of it if you continue to read my content). This is not to say that most people know what they are going to do once they have a degree , just that there are possibly not that many of us in our forties. 

We are supposed to have an idea and a fixed life plan by now. But I don't!! I have ideas, lots of them, of how I would like to teach or affect change in someway. However I am not quite sure how I get there yet. 

So at the same time as encouraging me to start my degree that same friend set up a blog for me to express myself, at the time I didn't think I had anything worth listening to (or reading). Since losing her I have heard her voice more than once telling me to not think that way and believe a little more in myself (shame I didn't listen at the time).

Anyway, so now better late than never while I am working it out and carrying on with my degree, this is the place I have chosen to create for my ramblings and recommendations. 

Here's the thing about extraordinary......We all are, we all can do something or be someone, we just have to want it and be prepared to put ourselves out there.

To affect change or touch someone's life you don't have to change the world, although that would be nice. You can simply be honest and as kind as you can, without letting others walk all over you.

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