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After posting my last entry I was still left angry more so than before *if that is at all possible*

After talking it over I realised not only did I have more to say but more to do too...

So covered a little of the history of the UK and US involvement in Afghanistan, I don't think I mentioned that this is not the first time we have put boots on the ground there and failed. The first time the British through the East India Company (because at the time Indua was under British rule) waged war in Afghanistan was in 1839, they had left by the end of 1842. It followed years of complex and age old rivalries and competion over land in Central Asia, between the UK and Russia. Both sides we trying to exert influence over who was in charge over there *Do you see the pattern?, bloody nation building again!* again out of self interest, and again the people were the ones who ended up suffering as a result.

Anyway very long complex story short Britain retreated and the status quo returned, and not the one our government wanted.

We are doomed to repeat history if we don't learn from it...

I have explained why we owe the people of Afghanistan more than we are delivering, and sadly in the last week it appears to be getting worse with the US essentially throwing people under the bus to save those they want to and our government if not already but soon to be following suit..

So what can you do?

This requires a bit of effort....

Contact your MPs write to them and exert pressure, tell them we need to help, we need to take more refugees and support Afghanistan in country too, do the same with the Mayor's and local councils.


There are several charities that are taking donations of household items, clothes, nappies and course money donations too if you can.

Label them with the age group they are meant for, it helps with the sorting. (I have included some links to a below)

And lastly possibly more importantly think...

Think about the language you and others use when talking about refugees and the crisis, (not just in Afghanistan but the world over).

And keep talking about it, just because it stops being front page news doesn't mean it's resolved. Think and advocate for those refugees who are literally running for their lives (and those left behind) with compassion and understanding.

We are lucky enough not to know how it feels to be persecuted,

no matter how much I currently despise this government. I know how lucky I am in comparison, *even though some days it doesn't feel like it and I want to throat punch everyone in charge*.

Thank you for taking the time to read any of my posts, I am very grateful, if there is any questions or feedback feel free to comment. I am under no illusions about having any or all the answers, but I'll try.



And for clothes and supplies

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