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So I wrote a blog for today, and as always spoke to a couple of my close people, and I got the advice that perhaps I needed to hold on to it for a little while.

This advice was not wrong, sometimes it's best to sit with something, to give it space and time to breathe and resonate. I have several fully written blog posts and a few that are in the works, but they are just not ready, or more to the point I am not ready to put them out there.

As you may have noticed I am open and honest about who I am and what I am feeling and incredibly vulnerable at times. My holding back is not about fear but more to do with feeling comfortable with what I am putting out into the world, and potentially the effect that blog subject may have on other people, including potentially anyone who I mention. So I decided that maybe timing is something that people need to think about, I certainly have had to learn and relearn this lesson on more than one occasion.

I am naturally impatient, so I kills me waiting for anything. Things like:

When I submit a paper to uni and have to wait for the result. or When I text friends or someone I am seeing and have to wait for a reply. Learning to wait, learning that most of the time, it (whatever that it is in that moment or time frame) is about timing, is a lesson that so many people simply never learn. I spend a lot of my time thinking and analysing my behaviour and that of those around me. I have learnt and yet still need to be reminded on occasion to just wait.

For example when you are texting with someone and it gets heated or uncomfortable


Or you are texting someone you are seeing and they go quiet....


By all means draft the text, but then wait 5 or 10 minutes or in the second scenario hours or days (depending on your situation) , do you still want to send that text with those words, is it going to help or hinder the situation? This technique of holding and waiting has led to the diffusing of so many potentially explosive situations and some that were simply misunderstandings.

With the waiting came a calmer, clearer space.

Time and space is a gift, one you can give to yourself (and potentially the other party/parties), to think and process. So my advice is to do so, whenever you can and particularly when negative emotions are taking the lead in your action or reaction. So for tonight that is my two pennies worth.

As always thanks for reading.

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