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The songs I play when the clouds are gathering, they are guaranteed to make me smile.

Sometimes the world is dark, particularly during a global pandemic and many lockdowns. We all need an escape, I am lucky to have many but music is definitely a tool to change a bad mood to good.

Everybody's got a thing, But some don't know how to handle it.”

Don't You Worry 'Bout A Thing - Stevie Wonder

This song is from my all time favourite albums, and in my very humble opinion the best one Stevie created. My love for Stevie Wonder comes from my Dad, plenty of happy memories connected to this song.

"Hey soul sister, ain't that mister mister on the radio- The way you move ain't fair, you know"

Hey soul Sister - Train

For some reason, I started listening to this often around the time I met my best friend, and although it is a romantic song of sorts, it reminds me of her, grateful that I told her so before she passed away. The lyrics resonate in a platonic way for me, the fact she called me her souls sista and danced like a goddess, just cemented it's place in my heart.

"Someone comes along and shows you a brand new way"

Something That I Want - Grace Potter

I first heard this in my late twenties, it happened to be in a TV show I watched. It was rerecorded by the same artist for Disney's Tangled.

At the time I was in a really turbulent relationship, that was either wonderful (not really looking back on it) or utter hell (not an exaggeration). I guess at the time this song was a wish for the future. It still makes me buoyant, when I feel like I am sinking.

"Súbeme la radio que esta es mi canción - Siente el bajo que va subiendo - Tráeme el alcohol que quita el dolor - Hoy vamos a juntar la luna y el sol"

Translation - "Turn up the radio this is my song - Feel the bass that is rising -

Bring me the alcohol it takes away the pain - Today we are going to join the moon and the sun"

Subeme La Radio - Enrique Iglesias (Spanish version)

Having a Spanish Dad I have been lucky enough to not just listen and sing along to Spanish songs, but appreciate what the lyrics mean. Although this song is a story of longing for a lost love, I have always felt it has elements of hope, and the latin beat makes it a lively tune. Also I have always been a little in lust with Enrique Iglesias (ok a lot in lust!)

"You push on me I'm going to push back harder"

Don't Put Dirt On Grave Just Yet - Hayden Panettiere

Country music is a guilty pleasure of mine. This song always has no memories attached, it simply reminds me that I can get up and keep going. It's a really empowering track.

What are yours and why? Do they make you get up and move or simply restored your faith in the world?


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