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I think the podcasts people choose to listen to give you a real clue to who they are and how they think so here are mine...

These are in no particular order! From these I guess you will notice that most have a political or activist theme in some way but by no means is it boring. And all of them inspire some kind of reaction from laughter to tears and all that is in between...

The West Wing Weekly

If like me, you loved all things to do with the TV show The West Wing, this is definitely the podcast for you, It Is hosted by Hrishikesh Hirway and Josh Malina (who played Will Bailey from season 4). The format is that they discuss in detail an episode of the show on each podcast. Highly amusing and is food for though since the political issues in the US have not changed that much in the 20 years since the show began. Yes it is a major geek out session, and I love it. It helps that Josh is very funny! They often have guests from those who starred in the show and worked behind the scenes to politicians and military personnel.

Drama Queens

Another podcast following a similar format about a TV show from the early aughts.

Hosted By Bethany Joy Lenz, Hilarie Burton and Sophia Bush (who has the most incredible speaking voice and I have the hugest girl crush on!). All three starred in One Tree Hill each week they discuss the episode they have just watched. For me this feels like a really beautiful empowering place to spend time. With their insights into their lives at the time, so it's not just all about the show. They are also very clever in not giving too much credit to the show creator, since he was disgraced for his inappropriate behaviour towards many of the (then young) actresses who worked on the show. This podcast is like having coffee with your girls and chatting about all things One Tree Hill and much more. It also has some pretty cool guests too.

Wind of Change

Ok so this one I will give you, Is a little kooky.

Only 8 episodes long, and centres around a conspiracy theory that the song Wind of change that was a huge hit worldwide in 1991, was written by the The United States Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) as a way to fuel the unrest in the USSR and helped lead to the ultimate dissolution of the State. I was completely absorbed, but then I am a little bit weird and am intrigued by all things to do with the USSR and communism. (Not that I am a communist, I just like the study of all ideologies, and how they affect those who live in them). This is hosted by Journalist Patrick Radden Keefe, with guests that include the singer and lead band member Kluas Meine. If you are like me and quite like an off the wall conspiracy theory then this is for you. Not sure the question was ever answered or the rumour confirmed, but it was definitely entertaining!

On Second Thought - Trevor Noah

Let me preface this one with the fact I don't think this podcast will return. It is a great shame, it was not only funny but very thought provoking. Hosted by Trevor Noah and his good friend David Kibuuka. It talks about events of the time, but not in the way he hosts the daily show, its more about the reaction to event after the reaction. Hence the name on second thought. I found myself laughing hard out loud in places and almost in tears in others. For most people these topics are not relevant now, since they have past so are not in the news, however truth be told, I have re-listened to some of the episodes a year later and the message or the insight into the issues as a whole still have a lot of value and relevance.

Work in Progress

Hosted by Sophia Bush ( I told you I have a huge crush on her), This is the most diverse podcast I have ever heard. Interesting and empowering with different guests on each episode from people like famous feminist Gloria Stienham, and Journalist Katie Couric to Chelsea Handler, and Erin Brockovich. The common denominator for this one is that most of the guests share Sophia's passion for Activism. It helps to have some idea of what is going on in the States politically, but it's not essential. The beauty of this one is you can pick the ones you really want to listen to, because they are not following a show or even talking about current affairs in a newsy way. Often the episode is about the guests life journey and how they have worked through issues or obstacles along the way. I am a working my way through them all and am learning so much about not just the world and activism but myself too.

And lastly one I can't wait to have a chance to listen to

Intelligence Squared

Hosted for the most part by former labour leader Ed Milliband. (also called how to build a better world)

Being the massive political geek that I am a friend recommended this to me.

The premise is that the podcast is not just about party politics, but discusses ideas and policies from all ideologies and countries. This appeals to the part of me that doesn't feel like anyone in government represents us as the people, so in this podcast utopia, I live my fluffy happy life that won't be marred by the obstacles of current politics of the UK and the partisanship the prevents any real change or progress.

So that's it for now, I have so many more podcasts on my list, just not enough hours to listen.


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